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Red meat is a valuable source of protein, essential vitamins and minerals. Protein is essential for growth and daily repair of your body cells.

Omega 3 Fatty acids are good for the heart and brain, grass-fed beef contains up to 4 times the amount of fatty acids than grain-fed beef.

Research has shown that lean red meat play a role in low-fat diets for the treatment of high blood cholesterol.

Red meat is one of the best sources of easily absorbed iron. Incorporating lean red meat in the diet is a simple way of getting you iron requirements; the iron found in lean meat is much easier for the body to digest when compared with that found in vegetables and cereals. Iron from meat is up to 7 times more easily absorbed from non-meat versions.

Grass fed beef is an excellent choice for those reducing their fat intake and maintained a balanced diet, grass-fed beef is leaner and lower in calories.

Lean beef is low in fat and can be included in a heart healthy diet; studies have shown that lean meat is as effective as chicken in maintaining or lowering cholesterol levels.

Unlike most other foods almost all of the fat in meat is visible and can be trimmed away. It is an excellent source of dietary iron and is high in vitamin A and B groups as well as zince, copper, magnesium, potassium and phosphate:- all essential for a healthy body.