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In 2007 the Tara Meats brand was launched. The brand was developed on the strength of our relationship with key Irish suppliers. Tara Meats beef is selected from traditional breeds of top quality Irish steers, under 30 months of age and in the region of 390-430kgs. All the beef is hand-selected for its quality and fat cover to customer specification. The beef is produced from cattle that spend most of the year outside, it is their outdoor lifestyle and natural grass based diet that gives this beef is tasty and tender characteristics.

By working in partnership with specialist Irish meat processor we can tap into their procurement resources and expertise. This gives us first choice of top quality cattle. All cattle are hand-selected by dediciated teams across the country with specialist selectors choosing only the best beef for the Tara Meats brand.

Tara Meats is 100% Irish beef from traditional breeds. The combination of Ireland’s vast green pastures, calcerous soil and the mild temperature climate give this beef a naturally healthy and fulfilling succulence.

By choosing Tara Meats you are guaranteed:

  • a traditional breed,
  • traceability to the farm of origin
  • taste and tenderness,
  • hand-selection for the best quality,
  • best industry practice when it comes to animal welfare
  • • a natural production system.