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At Shannon Meats we are dedicated to Irish beef and can 100% guarantee that all our beef is sourced from the island of Ireland.

Irish agricultural production is based on a network of small family owned and run farms that have been passed down from generation to generation.

The Irish pride themselves on their grass based farming system which has resulted in international recognition for the high quality of beef they have on offer.

Ireland’s temperate climate influenced by the Gulf Stream leaves the soils fertile and landscape abundant in rich green pasture giving it the longest grazing season in Europe. It is this natural grass based diet where cattle spend close to 9 months outdoors that not only contributes to the eating quality of the beef but to the added health benefits also.

Traditional and continental breeds are at the heart of Ireland’s beef production system. Irish producers bred primarily steers and heifers to meet the discerning tastes of international customers.

Ireland’s excellence in beef production is down to its strong agricultural traditions, natural grass based diet and mild temperate climate.